Our goal is to provide creative product design services, sustainability consultancy and social-environmental based business models to be trusted and to exceed the expectations of our clients in delivering professional, innovative and efficient solutions.


Our Story

We believe that multi-disciplinarity is the key factor for a community based design approach. That is the reason why we are open to collaborate with professionals, wider communities and experts from different backgrounds.

Our Values

Care. Observe the expectations.

Communicate. Listen.

Collaborate. Framework

Create. Harmony.


Sustainability is one of the hot topics nowadays. Each sector is trying to integrate sustainability into their work area and their lives. Do we really understand what does Sustainability (The ‘S’ Word) mean? Sustainability is a concept concerned environmental improvement, economical development and social aggregation.  

The main principle of this concept is the quality of life with respect to resources, health, education and well-being


Product Design

Noon provides customized product 
design services to companies and 
individuals. Noon provides project 
support with concept design, technical drawing and 2D/3D visualization services. Noon creates sustainable product concepts. 


Noon acts as a facilitator and 
content designer in projects in line 
with the Sustainable Development 
Goals. Noon also provides reporting 
and project design services on 
corporate sustainability. 

Project Design

Noon provides project design services
including project management and 
process design. Noon follows and 
manage all the steps for your 
projects such as conception, 
planning, execution, monitoring 
and reporting. Noon also takes 
on the content design.

Experience Design

Noon creates digital and 
design-based learning 
experience solutions. 
lt facilitates by working 
with users and participants.


Noon provides brand and 
marketing consultancy to brands, 
institutions and projects. 
It works especially on sustainable 
strategies and team training. 

Data Visualization

Noon provides data 
visualization services to projects 
and makes report design.

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